About Us

Foundation Democracy Initiative Inc.

Our evolution into nationhood is replete with missed opportunities, unrealized potentials and outright failures to meet the yearnings of the Nigerian people. Every election circle presents great opportunity to change the narrative and allow the people take control. Another election beckons. Never before has the urgency and desire to take back Nigeria from the misrule and plundering of our commonwealth by the political elites, be it military or civilian, since independence.       

It is instructive that the 2015 and 2019 General Elections indicated about 20 million votes won the Presidential election. With a voter population of nearly 95 million, it is our hope that through mass political education and mobilization, we can raise 40 million votes through a carefully programed and well guided formula with the existing 774 Local Governments, more than 7,000 Ward Coordinators, working across Nigeria’s 176,974 Polling units with boots on the ground to accomplish our objective.

To this end, our focus is to raise the required funds through a global super PAC action committee in association with some organizations including Diaspora Speaks and Offshore Beta Initiative along with NGO's and Civil Society institutions in other to collaborate the support groups such as Nigeria Voters Watch and Eye-on-the-Ballot Programs to ensure that a credible and transparent election is achieved, there by enthroning correct leadership for good governance to prevail in Nigeria.