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With barely four months before the votes are cast in the 2023 election, we need to act fast. We want everyone who receives this message to give just $10, so that we would have enough funding to elect a once-in-a-lifetime leader who stands for progress. We need your help to build a Nigeria where everyone would have the opportunity, not only to survive — but thrive.
If there’s a time for you to give $10, it’s now!
With your contribution today, we can give Nigeria a leader who will make access to education, health care, housing and good living possible for all Nigerians.
Are you able to invest $10 to help us bring the 2023 election home for Peter Obi, so that he can help us fight for our vision for Nigeria’s future? Yes, Nigeria and Nigerians are worth fighting for.
We are fighting for the student in Enugu who needs to be in class, learning, but has been forced to stay home for several months without end because of the strike by university lecturers.
We are fighting for the nursing mother in Maiduguri who is living in a make-shift refugee camp for internally displaced persons and unable to live a real life because of the un-ending insecurity in her part of the country.
We are fighting for the subsistence farmer in Gboko, who can no longer go to his farm, for fear of being slaughtered like a chicken by marauding herdsmen who are laying siege to his farmland, which they would rather use as a grazing field to feed their wandering cattle.
We are fighting for the impoverished fisherman in the Escravos, whose waters have been destroyed by the spillage of crude oil, a product that gushes from his desolated backyard and pumped away for the development of faraway places while he lives in abject squalor.
We’re fighting for the small business owner in Lagos who's struggling to grow his business but handicapped by the challenge of grappling with a less than enabling environment.
We’re fighting for everyday Nigerians and we can win this fight if we elect Peter Obi into office. So, we need your help to achieve victory. We want you to chip into the campaign right now. Anything you can give -- $10 or whatever you can afford right now -- will help to elect Peter Obi and make a real difference in making this future a reality.
Where are you in this fight? Are you a foot soldier in the frontline or a General in the backroom? Wherever we stand, we all are Nigerians. We are fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, children and relatives. We have one mission: To be part of the fight to move Nigeria from its past 62 years of independence to a future that realizes the potentials of our nationhood. We are fighting to liberate Nigeria and build One Nation where hope and opportunities abound. We are calling on you to become a part of this fight.
Please, click below to donate $10, or any amount of your choice, to support the fight for a new Nigeria.

Thank you for your contribution to building the Nigeria of our dreams