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Nigerians go for Passport in New York

Nigerians in Diaspora have worked hard to support their families back home and need to invest at home
About Us

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JUST $10

That’s all we are asking from you.
$10 to support the vision of an excellent Nigerian who is determined to move Nigeria forward.
$10 to support the People in electing a credible and transparent President, to deliver unprecedented change in Nigeria.
$10 to support the emergence of a new breed of leaders who will re-focus the socio-economic direction of our country, engage our teeming youth population in gainful employment and position them in the mainstream of economic development.
$10 to ensure that you take your rightful place on the side of discerning Nigerians who do not succumb to the idea of surrendering our democracy to a gerontocracy, where government is the exclusive preserve of the oldest people in the land.
$10 to put an end to the incompetence in leadership and governance that are watching Nigeria in a free fall down the slippery slope of economic collapse, where the country that is flat broke is also unable to meet its oil production quota largely because of massive theft enabled by the connivance of people in high places.
$10 to drain the cesspool of corruption that is wasting N18 billion per day of Nigeria's hard-earned oil money on perpetuating a less than transparent fuel subsidy regime.
$10 to end the security crisis currently ravaging the country, giving free reign to bloodthirsty terrorists, bandits and kidnappers who are kidnapping, maiming and killing our kinsmen and women with reckless abandon. click to see more details

Our Mission Credible Repository to Count The Votes

Verification Mag Glass 115 Diaspora Speaks


Our present project is directed at Nigeria's democratic activities

Our Values are based on Intergrity, good governance, transperency, equity and fairness.

Join Us
Join us as we try to archieve full and unhindered political participation of the masses in rural and poverty stricking area of Nigeria.
Our earnest desire is that democratic and sustainanable political processes and development is achieved and sustained
to ensure that the desire to enthrone a sustanable democratic process is attainable and realized for the people of Nigeria. Every well meaning Nigerian and friends of Nigeria accross the globe must join hands to liberate the country from bad leadership. The big rational for taking these bold steps is to allign Nigerians to always hold leadership accountable by using the instruments of democratic process


Empowering Democracy

FDI USA is a non-profit organization built to empower Democracy at home and diaspora by organizing events, creating awareness to raise funds and support grassroots democratic participation for youths and women.

Our immediate focus is to empower local support groups who are in the remote and urban environments driving the process for PVC collections, grassroots mobilization, identification of polling units and running programs of Nigeria's Voters Watch aimed at keeping an eye on the ballots to ensure credible and transparent process toward Nigeria's democratic elections